Remote Database Management

TechIndyeah also serves requirements for Remote Database Management. We understand that database stability is vital for your business and no one can afford to deal with database downtime. On the other hand, to maintain a team on database management incurs a lot of cost. So we are there to take care of your database management with our high end support team. We offer up to the minute technical support with regard to your database administration.

We believe in that the more you can save time and earn more value as return on your investment in technologies, the better it is for your business to sustain. It is our mission to lower the technical vulnerability and reduce all the backlogs with a proper IT optimization plan. In today’s business scenario, it is not how much you spend, but it’s more about how much value you are deriving from your technical knowhow. We have that technical knowledge that will help you to cut down unnecessary costs and streamline your technical processes to foster your business. We provide:

  • Database management: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, AWS remote DB management
  • Adhering the best practices when it comes to remote DB customer base
  • Database performance reporting
  • Analytics on DB
  • Installation as well as upgradation
  • Round the clock database management and tracking
  • Effective database maintenance
  • Services regarding backup as well as recovery of DB
  • Swift error fixing and problem analysis
  • Round the clock support


If you would like to avail these services or anything beyond that, please connect with us. We would be happy to talk!