Company Philosophy

We are not weeping philosophers. We are hard core entrepreneurs. We are happy go lucky people. We code, we design, we iterate, we write our heart out, and yes we booze! We plan our idea seeds and cultivate the startup culture amongst ourselves. We live up to tennets like core technology, organic content and mind blowing designs. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a brand impression and also how much we are adding value to the businesses through our modern approach. Our philosophy and work ethics is around the success of our clients. We make sure that daily we iterate and brainstorm to improve our internal and in-house processes to serve you better. We focus on technical aspects and try and polish that well enough to serve you. We are always looking for web services that can enhance your business and also give you a better value for the money you invest. With proper analytics and reporting facilities we make sure that you never miss a thing.

Every part of your relation with us is transparent and highly organized. We try to automate a lot of processes so that we never miss a deadline. We are a startup catering to IT and also SaaS technologies. We are always in a quest to explore more and make sure that we make the best use of time. We do not believe in giving you lengthy plans or strategies rather we believe more in action oriented ideas. Being a successful web development company takes a lot of effort, experience and knowledge. Dedication is also essential and we know that we are evangelists of technology and success. We have never taken the shortcut to success or glory. But yes we are professionally sound enough to get things done faster and in a lean way. Our code is our brand and we will live the days of our lives to uphold its flag high. The sky is the limit but we will cross that too!