Company History

About the Founder:

TechIndyeah is the brainchild of Ranjan Upadhyay, the CEO and Tech Lead, who laid the foundation of this company with his vision to see a difference in India. He is a networking and systems specialist, a hacker and a self learned graphic designer. From an early age he understood that technology can empower our nation to a better India. Ranjan was determined and so he went on with his BSc-IT followed by Masters in Computer Application along with a Redhat Certification. Ranjan has been a true startup enthusiast and so he has digged into everything technology. He completed networking & firewall security training of both software and hardware type firewalls , wireless technologies. So now he can offer high end solutions in programming logic and structural design, user experience ideas, interface flow and also has the expertise to execute and implement it.

He also pursued his passion for graphics while gaining hands on experience in networking and open source technologies and furnishing his expertise on backend. He worked at a number of software companies and then finally started up in 2009. Ranjan has vested interest in systems and hard core technology. He does wonders with server integration and systems. He is a lover of open source technologies. He is more of a person who made his foray into open source infrastructure as well as technology development unlike a typical programmer. He does everything from coding till systems, but not like a fanatic coder. He is a hands on person who wants to take his business much above the skyline.

Forming TechIndyeah:

TechIndyeah officially started up in 2012. The journey in the making of TechIndyeah started long back in 2009 when Ranjan was working on web designing, logo designing. letterheads and serving other corporate needs. After that he decided to shift the company’s interest into more deeper technologies where the company was still in its infancy. It was catering to application development, corporate identity management, business support, offline and online email server management and more. Slowly the company started growing as it expanded its wings to other areas of core technology like web hosting, website development, remote database management, IT infrastructure as well as embedded systems. Today the company stands strong with a vision to do more for India as TechIndyeah. The startup has been journeying through trial and errors and with each passing day it has seen so many avenues opening up where TechIndyeah can play an important role to integrate technology in our day to day lives.