TechIndyeah is a pool of skilled designers, developers, and content writers working together for the interest of the clients and people. Commenced in the year 2012, we have satisfied many clients and lately have come up with our new products. Our aim is of aiding and serving people who are looking to build websites at an alarmingly low cost. Keeping the Indian economy in mind, our target is to help people create their own website or e-store with all kinds of budget. Our objective also involves sharing exceptional contents with valued and authenticated information.


Company History

TechIndyeah is the conception of the CEO Ranjan Upadhayay, a networking and system specialist, who envisioned the company to see a difference in India in terms of technology. Read more


Company Philosophy

We are nothing special, just common people with the required skills to help our clients succeed in their work, which is our elementary philosophy. We are great listeners. We pay immense heed to what our clients want from us and then plan each step accordingly towards success. Read more


Vision and Mission

Our mission is to make life easier with the help of robust technology. We intend to help business with exquisite technology so that they can achieve success. Read more


Life at TechIndyeah

We are dedicated entrepreneurs yet we booze. We enjoy while working at the same time which enables us in delivering quality work at the stipulated time. Read more